About Digital News

Digital News are Social Media News Releases

Digital News bring classical press releases into the new age of social media communication. Basically, it’s about press releases being enriched by social media and multimedia elements such as videos on Youtube, flickr images, quotations for download, sharing (and forwarding) functionalities, reader commentaries and backlinks.

Doing so, the fundamental elements of press releases should not be neglected. What generally is a message about? What is most important about the message? Who can be contacted to retrieve further information? Moreover, Digital News offer a variety of useful and interesting content which facilitate journalists’ research. Thus, Digital News are a central contact point for any important material on a particular issue. In addition, Digital News achieve significant network effect regarding findability in search engines.

Digital News are more than “press releases 2.0”

Digital News, however, are more than “jazzed up” press releases. They rather ought to be imagined as a concept than a simple tool. The right networking with other platforms is at the centre of this strategy.

Therefore, Digital News should be understood as part of an extensive social media strategy. The selection and addressing of specific target groups requires in-depth analysis of stakeholder groups. Whom is being addressed and which language (tonality) should be applied? What are the relevant issues? How to select suitable platforms to supply additional information? How to handle commentaries? Successful social media strategies require more than just enriching press releases with some images and videos.


BRAND CONTRAST offers strategic communication consulting in the business segments of communication management and communication controlling for public relations, online relations and social media communication.

“Digital News Service” (digitalnewsservice.net) publishes digital news or social media news releases for customers of BRAND CONTRAST. If you are interested in Digital News, please feel free to contact us at:

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